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'Jeder mensch ist ein kunstler'

- Joseph Buys

I Am Karan . I Am . Artist . SoundHealer. Experimential Coach . Genetic Keycode Alchemist . Ceremonial Practioner . Traveler . Mother . Activator of the Diamond Age

I love and trust life, I love myself, I trust myself, my path so far. here. now. I have learned from my experiences and I am grateful for them. Grateful for the many obstacles, teachers and beautiful encounters along the way. I dived deep into my inner, followed many courses and therapies dedicated to my awakening and embodying, open to serve. My heart is my guide, I listen and follow, my intuition, my inner wisdom, my inner compassionate love. 

Today I am more than ever committed to myself and my gift here on earth. I feel the infinite creativity and possibilities every human holds inside, ready to remember, ready to express. I see the abundance this earth plane gives, always, all the time. So much beauty inside and out to explore. We are all artists. It is our nature. It is time to reclaim our birthright, to live, love and co.create together.

Exploration, connecting with ourselves, with the other, with the All through creativity, through creative expression, is my key to change and growth. I chose this adventure and played with so many others in the socio-artistic field, in which I was coordinator and artistic supervisor for many years. From here I followed different artistic dynamic coaching trainings, they gave me a broader framework and freedom to guide and stimulate people to do the inner work, on a joyful, light way. An experiential shamanic course ignited my spiritual path, ceremonies all around sharpened my focus and above all taught me what connecting really is, with myself, my heart, with the other, with the All. 


Devoted to live from my inner core, I liberated myself, especially through the sound of my voice. I activate my healing sounds for the other, for you. I can step in my pure clear channel. I know we can do this all, by releasing, in ease and grace. 

Since 2019 I co.create daily with the Quantum Science of Diamond Genetic Keycode Alchemy. I graduated The Araina Academy of Ascension AAoA in december 2019. I have taken the course twice now in order to fully integrate all the codes and teachings to a deeper level. This work is BY FAR the most powerful and effective way for me to heal and activate the self and others. 
I merge The Diamond Genetic Key Codes in my Coachings, SoundActivations and Art. The focus here is to see you within Diamond Consciousness, through Diamond Eyes. 


I see myself as Spaceholder for you, I am here to inspire and empower you, to come home, to your heart. I help you realize your brilliance and purity, elevate your consciousness through creativity, art, sound and inner transformational work. We come to the core of your truth, letting go of all this what is holding you back from you, your purpose here on earth, so that you can recreate your own reality.  

I am here, walk next to you, Out of the Blue.Into Unity.

Contact & locatie


Grensstraat 29

3010 Kessel-lo



+32 (0)479 849 248
BTW BE0858.205.025

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